Pastel Accounting Support

Service Offering:

  • New installations and Implementation

Need a stonger accounting system and thinking of Pastel Accounting? Or just needing to upgrade your older Pastel versions to the lastest version?

Synergy is able to assist with any new installation or upgrade as well as the prompt and professional implementation of the package helping you get up and running while you focus on your business.


Version 11 - Are you SARS Compliant when sending electronic documents to customers and suppliers?

The current Version 11 is SARS compliant in the sense that if you transact with electronic documents rather than the traditional hard copy paper version, like most businesses do these days, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) requires that all of your electronic invoices, credit notes and debit notes meet certain requirements. As with most SARS requirements, non-compliance can come with hefty penalties.

The most important requirement is that documents must be sent in a format with at least 128 bit encryption – a standard PDF won’t do. In addition, the customer must agree to receive electronic documents from the vendor under the conditions set out by SARS.

The newly released Pastel Partner and Xpress Version 11 meets the SARS requirements for the issuing of electronic documents. Because Pastel is a South African business we’ve been able to consult with the experts in South African tax law so you can rest assured that an upgrade to Version 11 will keep you requirement-compliant.

For more information on if you are SARS compliant or to request a quotation for an upgrade please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • Onsite Training

The benifits of this type of training is conducted any day, any place and anytime. It allows you to choose the time (what time eg. 9am), place (your Sandton office), duration (two hours) and day (5 February) which suits you.

With this type of training you receive no official certification but you do obtain the knowledge which is necessary at that particular time.

        In a recent study it was found that more than 60% of Pastel Accounting users did not have the level of training to be able to truly benefit from the features of the system.


  • Onsite Support

Downtime is something no business can afford at any point, this is something we at Synergy Creations learnt early on and feel that a business without sound support when it comes to these times seriously need to take the steps to gain the peace of mind that we can offer. 

It may be in the form of Adhoc support, preventative maintenance or even getting the system up and running again after an unforeseen incident leading to problems with your Pastel Package.

  • Data Repair


At Synergy Creations we have the skill to repair up to 90% of all know data related corruption and errors. This can be done either onsite,thus minimizing your business downtime or your data can be collected in the afternoon and returned to you the following morning.

Though at any point while data is being repaired you will not be able to access or work in your Pastel company until the repair is completed and tested.